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If I had to define my project I would call it an illusion.Montserrat Ruiz image

My history.

The illusion, which always illuminates my days, took me a few years ago, to begin with my first designs, my first creations, my first dreams.

By Mon was born after turning “The Dream” into reality, a dream behind which my signature is hidden, Mon Ruiz, responsible for Banking for 17 years and one day I decided to turn 180 degrees in the direction of my professional life and dedicate myself Complete to my passion.

I understand that a jewel is much more than a complement, it is a creation sighed, imagined, felt and brought to reality from the world of dreams, piece by piece to which more spoiled, to take it and to feel it as your little treasure, Your jewel and that enlightens you, that highlights your beauty and even more, if possible, your personality.

We work with enthusiasm taking care of the details and creating special compositions for you, but that we are passionate about.

Always with quality as a starting point, our designs are authentic, dynamic, durable and different. Because In Mon always look for the difference, we always look for to surprise you.

We turn dreams into little big jewels.

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